Ecube Labs

About Ecube Labs:

Ecube Labs offers a comprehensive, smart waste management solution using industry leading cloud-based software connected to the latest IoT smart sensor and smart bin technology.

Solutions we provide:
  • CleanCUBE IoT Smart compacting bins

  • CleanFLEX IoT fill level sensors

  • CleanTRACK vehicle tracking and diagnostics device

  • CleanCityNetworks cloud platform for monitoring operations

  • CCNx route optimization software for waste collection companies

Why we partnered with them?

We have partnered with Ecube Labs as they are one of the worlds leading smart waste management companies providing a wide range of services and solutions catered to clients’ needs. Ecube Labs is known to work directly with clients for years at a time to make sure that they arrive at the intended result, whether that means assessing and making operational changes on the client's end or changing the deployed solution on the solution’s end. This consultative approach adopted by Ecube Labs is the main reason they are not only rapidly expanding but taking over existing market share.

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