ParkLane Advisory Limited

About ParkLane Advisory Limited:

Our partner, ParkLane Advisory is experienced in the legal, financial and management consultancy sectors. They focus on the processes and strategy required to effectively and efficiently plan and manage projects, improve transparency and accountability amongst our headhunted clients.

What our Finance department has to offer:
  • Wide range of accountancy and assurance advice

  • Bookkeeping

  • Taxation and VAT guidance

  • Statutory accounts creation, review and analysis

  • Regulatory consulting for listed and unlisted businesses

  • Strategy consulting

What our Legal department has to offer:
  • Contract creation, analysis and review

  • Consulting on financial and legal matters for companies

  • Company Analysis to ensure that the potential clients are of the correct standard and profile for contracts with government level entities

  • Consultancy and advise upon companies which are undergoing significant change on restructuring

Why choose us:

Hamza Choudhry is the Co-Founder of ParkLane Advisory. He completed his secondary education at Westminster School, London, he graduated with a degree in Business from Imperial College London. As a Chartered Accountant for the last 6 years and working in the finance sector for the last 10, he has a wealth of experience having worked at some of the largest global accountancy practices and multinationals in his career. He has advised and structured several significant deals within his career.



Ahmed Bhatti is the Co-Founder of ParkLane Advisory. He completed his secondary education at Wellington College and graduated with a first-class degree in Law from Brunel University. He has an extensive knowledge within the English and Commercial Law as he has been a qualified solicitor for several years and has worked in several multinational companies in his career. He has advised large global conglomerates on legal and commercial matters.

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